Labor Day At Catania

Unfortunately the summer is over. Let that sink in for a minute. What does this mean? Well to most it means the end of the hot weather or the kids heading back to school. To an Italian it means the same exact thing as it does to us! Cooler weather, harvests, fall colors; Italy is along the same latitude so it experiences the same seasons that we do. That means it is the best time to stop by Catania for authentic coastal Italian cuisine.


Harvest time

In most parts of this country it is nearing harvest time; and harvest time is a time of year when everything is getting cooler, the food is abundant and festivals abound. Who doesn’t love a good festival? What festival is complete without Italian food? At Catania it is festival time everyday, beginning at three for our happy hour. We invite you to come to the patio and enjoy the cooler weather, the sea breeze blowing off of the ocean and the incredible food we are able to provide to our customers.       

Coastal Italian

On this labor day, we want to take the time to thank our incredible employees and their commitment to being the best. We want to thank our customers for their loyalty and letting Catania be a part of your life. We take great pride in being a part of La Jolla and the community. Next time you are in the neighborhood, Please stop on in for a beer, a pizza or any of our incredible menu items. Happy Labor Day!

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