Artistic Expression

So you call yourself an artist, a rugged individual with a unique vision for aesthetically shaping common items into masterpieces. Your vision has taken you to all corners of the world bringing art to the masses in ultra-creative ways. The crowning achievement is, hands down, the blue, thirty foot tall crayfish for the Northern Minnesota Crayfish festival. It was so impressive that a family drove down from Canada to take a picture of it. After the festival, the crayfish sculpture appeared in commercials for a little known auto company from Bolivia. The point is, the extra money helped out immensely, allowing you to buy a small house in La Jolla. To that, we at Catania say, welcome to the neighborhood!


Our Artists

At Catania we offer only the finest Italian Cuisine, and we like to think of ourselves as artists in the medium of protein and pasta. The high overlord of our culinary design is Chef Ryan Johnston, a multiple award winner with a passion for fresh authentic cuisine. So like your giant crayfish sculpture, Chef Ryan has created a lasting impression on anyone who is lucky enough to witness it. Delicate presentations, fire breathing ovens, and a flair for creative cooking, we know you will be pleased with your experience. So next time you are in La Jolla, visit the Catania gallery of coastal Italian cuisine, you will not be disappointed. Reservations are highly recommended and happy hour begins at three! Stop by for appetizer, pizza and drink specials that even starving artists can afford!

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