The Blood of the Planet

The ocean, it is the great equalizer of temperature in this amazing world of ours. A good solid 70 percent of the earth is made up of ocean waters. It is said that, one percent of the fresh water is on the planet and the rest is locked up in water vapor, slurpees, and ice at the frozen ends of the earth. The current estimation according to NOAA, it just north of three hundred million miles of water water in the earth. Woah. The thing about water is, its holds some of the finest Italian cuisine imaginable. Water has provided us with the finest ingredients in the world.


The Big Blue

The thing that is the most interesting thing about water is, it is indestructible. I mean, how awesome is that, something that is indestructible and is the habitat for the most delicious food on the planet? Clearly saltwater is the magic concoction out of which fish emerge so tasty, that it is almost as if they were seasoned by a greek god.

We Are Water

We all belong to the water and the water belongs to us. Sea creatures are the tastiest creatures on earth due to their time in the water and Catania has mastered the best. Take our Halibut grilled in our fire breathing, wood eating oven; Squid ink spaghetti and the sublime grilled Ahi Tuna. For the greatest treasures in (or out of) the sea head down to Catania for some of the best. The finest coastal Italian.        


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