Sustainable Eating

It is interesting to think what you can create with objects that ordinarily would be thrown away. For instance, take empty wine bottles. I have known some soccer moms who have had enough empty wine bottles to build a replica frontier town. The chianti bottles could have been a topper for the Russian orthodox church. In California we have seen whole houses built with hay bales, wine bottles and sheep manure. It is truly a marvel to see what some individuals can come up with when recycling trash with originality. At Catania we believe in preserving the earth and being responsible stewards of the environment; that, and providing the finest Italian cuisine in La Jolla.


The Second Time Around

We pride ourselves on having one of the classiest restaurants this side of Italy. With class comes a social responsibility to protecting the resources we utilize in our menu. A quick glance will reveal fish species that have been sustainably harvested. We offer free range pizzas and our salads have never been raised in cages.

Committed to The Customer

At Catania, we truly believe that whatever you choose to eat, recycle or throw away you will find a place for incredible coastal Italian cuisine. Take in an afternoon happy hour and watch the sun fade below the horizon on our patio. Have a glass of wine and a pizza, stay for dinner, and enjoy the atmosphere of La Jolla’s finest Italian restaurant. Reservations are recommended and happy hour begins at three. We will see you there!

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