Mom’s Day

When we think of the most precious moments in our lives we may think way back to a happy childhood and mom. The time when you were three and you smashed your face into the concrete when your monster truck broke, Mom was there. The time in grade school when you broke your arm, attempting to jump your bike over a ditch, Mom was there. The incident soon after you passed your driver’s test and crashed into an Amish horse and buggy, Mom stayed away for that one. Now, Mom is living in Florida and only visits once a year.


Treat Mom

Usually, Mom is celebrated on Mother’s day, but at Catania we love our mother’s Italian cuisine. We feel Mom needs to be celebrated all year and giving her a fantastic night out is the ultimate sign of respect. What mom would not love a date with her precious little (grownup) son?

Mom Date

Spend the day with Mom, take her to lunch and maybe a fun day of her favorite activity. Maybe golf at Torrey Pines or something more exciting like skydiving! If your mom is the active type, consider a bike rental and tour of La Jolla, but if she has other interests maybe a cooking class. The open air market is always a fantastic idea before your dinner at Catania. So, celebrate Mom with a reservation at La Jolla’s finest Italian restaurant, celebrate the lady who gave you life, call today for a reservation! Everyday is Mother’s Day!

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