Hot Lunch!

The sun rises to its peak and the day beats down on you like a sledgehammer. It’s hot. Hotter than a black cat in a tar pit. Hotter than a habanero on a supermodel. Hotter than a… well you get the idea. When it is too hot to move and you are laying on the ground in a puddle of sweat, what sounds better, a cup of coffee or a cold frosty mug of beer? Just picture it; a glass so cold it is giving off vapor clouds, cradling the precious amber liquid in a frosty cocoon of happiness.


The Colder the Beer…

There is only one solution for the heat that is besieging Southern California and that is, a trip to Catania for lunch. Think of it; you have a handful of melted chocolate in the cupholder of your car or a soggy tuna wrap, stashed in the back of the refrigerator at work. Lunch should be a time of beer and sandwiches; not salmonella and antacid. The master chef at Catania has perfected lunchtime Italian cuisine, making us your ultimate lunchtime destination.

The Hotter the Pizza…

Did we mention it was hot? Not hot enough however. To really bring the heat, try our Diavola pizza for lunch and feel the burn. We offer many different options for lunch. Everything from shrimp and calamari to pizzas and pasta, all grilled in our wood-fired behemoth Beatrice. Next time you are ready for lunch and it is too hot to decide visit us at Catania. We have cold beer, hot pizza and an oven named Beatrice. 

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