A New Adventure

In an perfect world marriage would be a lifetime of joy and happiness. The birds would wake you up without an alarm clock with gentle chirping reminding you that the love of your life is lying next to you. You would take walks in the park, holding hands and looking longingly into each other’s eyes, reserving romantic dinners at Catania for Italian cuisine and walks on the beach. The reality is, marriage is difficult and it does not always work out. You wake up one day and realize that the love of your life has become a slithering demon who hates you and everything that you stand for. What do you do?


The Escape

So you have been relegated to sleeping on the couch with the dog and your delicate flower of a wife has decided to divorce you. Now, you may think that this is the worst thing that could happen but in reality, what could be better? With a positive attitude your divorce will become an amazing new adventure! I mean, come on, who needs a wife anyway? Not this guy! If you want to eat corn dogs for breakfast, brother, get after it.

A Guy Has To Eat

Eventually you will get your own studio apartment that smells vaguely of cigarettes and curry… you are finally free. The first thing you need to do is get your boys together and head down to Catania for happy hour! Celebrate your new found freedom with a wood fired pizza and a beer. Get out there and live brother! You earned it!   

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